Brown clinches his eighth BG Modified title

Burt Myers wins 150-lap season finale, is series runner-up


Published:August 16, 2009


Tim Brown and Burt Myers -- dominant drivers in Bowman Gray Stadium's featured Modified Division -- both came away happy from last night's season finale.

Myers led all the way in the Carolina Farm Credit 150 and registered his division-leading seventh victory of the year.

And Brown wrapped up his eighth season championship, tying Ralph Brinkley for the most all-time titles in the stadium's top division.

Ronnie Clifton came from behind to win his eighth straight Sportsman Division championship. David Sumner and Dale Barneycastle wrapped up their first season titles in the Street Stock and Stadium Stock divisions.

Brown, who entered last night with a large lead in the season standings and had no trouble on the way to a second-place finish in the 150-lap final race, celebrated by parking his shining blue car in the middle of the field, standing on its roof and raising his arms skyward.

He said that winning championships never gets old.

"Each one is special," said Brown, who was a model of consistency this season -- with top-10 finishes in 19 of 22 races, including 16 top fives.

"It's all about having a good race car to drive, and this team gives me that every week."

Brown, a suspension specialist for Michael Waltrip Racing, has plans to compete in a Nationwide Series race at Memphis and NASCAR truck series race at Martinsville for Rick Ware Racing before the year is out, but said that a steak-and-potato dinner to mark his eighth championship would come today.

Myers also was celebrating. His seven victories marked the most for him in one season.

"We had two goals set when we got here today -- to win the pole and to win the race," Myers said. "We did that. We didn't win the championship but we had the most wins, the most poles, the most laps led so I can't complain. We didn't win the championship, but we won everything else."

Myers also passed his father Gary Myers on the stadium's all-time list for feature-race victories. He won for the 39th time.

"It was a tall order, to have seven wins to pass him this year," said Burt Myers, who thanked his brother and fellow driver Jason Myers for the loan of a Ford-powered motor from his brother's tour car last month that began a hot streak.

Burt Myers was the fastest qualifier for last night's main event with a lap of 13.352 seconds (67.4 mph) on the quarter-mile track. He edged Lee Jeffreys by two one-thousandths of a second for a division-leading fourth qualifying victory.

Myers took the lead at the start. Brown, who could have finished as many as 10 spots behind Myers and still acquired enough points for the season championship, squeezed past Jeffreys for second place before relenting to the hard-charging Jeffreys and gave back the spot.

Jeffreys fell off the pace in the closing laps, and Brown regained second.

"I let him go early because I know he was going hard and he really wanted to win the race," Brown said. "He burned his tires off trying to do it. He gave me plenty of room and I'll thank him for that.

"I come over to try to win races. I didn't try to win tonight -- I had a car capable of winning, it was awesome -- but the big picture means more than a win.

"(Myers) had a great season, and I know how he feels because I won seven races last year and it's tough to win seven, but this race team won its eighth championship and that's what matters most."

Tommy Neal won a wild 40-lap race for the Sportsman Division, and Clifton came out ahead in the season standings.

Gary Ledbetter entered last night's final race with a 10-point lead over Clifton in the standings and seemed to be on the way to what would have been his first Sportsman championship.

Title-contender Derek Stoltz led the first 23 laps but was spun by Neal, and Ledbetter slammed into the car of Stoltz in a crash that ended his night and title chances.

Clifton was also caught in the wreck, but recovered to make up needed ground and endured late-race damage after running into a multi-car pileup with three laps left.

Neal won for the third time this season. Clifton wound up finishing 10th, high enough for a 12-point advantage over Neal in the final standings.

"This was the best one," Clifton said of his eight straight Sportsman titles. He was 51 points behind less than a month ago. "I had all but given up on this but we don't give up."

Jerry Helms registered his first Bowman Gray Stadium victory with a win a 20-lap race for the Street Stock Division. Sumner finished fourth and secured the season title.

Glenn Hamilton won for the fourth time in the Stadium Stock Division. Barneycastle wrapped up the title with a second-place finish.


Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) $2,150

2. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 1,250

3. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 925

4. Jeremy Stoltz (Walkertown) 685

5. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 725

6. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 685

7. Jonathan Brown (Kernersville) 645

8. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 505

9. Dean Ward (Winston-Salem) 475

10. Alfred Hill (Jonesville) 455

11. Junior Miller (Danbury) 490

12. Brent Elliott (Denton) 420

13. Robert Jeffreys (Winston-Salem) 400

14. Kevin Powell (Winston-Salem) 480

15. Matt Caldwell (Lexington) 460

16. Ricky Knapp (Rochester, N.Y.) 340

17. Gene Pack (Walkertown) 430

18. Brad Robbins (Winston-Salem) 420

19. Lee Stimpson (Lewisville) 310

20. Terry Gaither (Walkertown) 300

21. Ricky Gregg (Colfax) 240

22. Stan Welborn (Germanton) 220

Final points leaders:

1. Tim Brown 796

2. Burt Myers 756

3. Jonathan Brown 731

4. Randy Butner 730

5. Jason Myers 670

6. Alfred Hill 592

7. Brad Robbins 581

8. Chris Fleming 577

9. Junior Miller 576

10. Robert Jeffreys 566

11. Lee Jeffreys 551

12. Brent Elliott 527

13. Michael Clifton 474

14. Gene Pack 466

15. Lee Stimpson 301

16. Dean Ward 284

17. Terry Gaither 241

18. Stan Welborn 213

19. Kevin Powell 147

20. Mike Norman 133

21. Bryan Dauzat 123

22. Matt Caldwell 117

23. Jeremy Stoltz 106

24. Mike Adams 88

25. Bobby Hutchens 80


Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Tommy Neal (Walkertown) $560

2. Kyle Edwards (King) 360

3. Barry Edwards (Pinnacle) 280

4. Kenny Bost (Kernersville) 220

5. Scott Hall (Walkertown) 190

6. Robbie Brewer (Winston-Salem) 170

7. Mike Evans (King) 150

8. Mitch Gales (Thomasville) 130

9. Shaun Cockerham (East Bend) 110

10. Ronnie Clifton (Walkertown) 175

11. Darin Redmon (Walkertown) 90

12. David Adams (Yadkinville) 80

13. Steven Berrier (Germanton) 70

14. Taylor Branch (Lewisville) 60

15. Daniel Beeson (Kernersville) 50

16. T.J. Moran (East Bend) 50

17. Keith McMichael (Belews Creek) 50

18. Kevin Neal (Walkertown) 50

19. Michael Adams (Yadkinville) 50

20. Derek Stoltz (Walkertown) 50

21. Jeff Garrison (Winston-Salem) 50

22. Steve Truell (Midway) 50

23. Gary Ledbetter (Lexington) 50

24. Steve Holleman (Winston-Salem) 50

Final points leaders:

1. Ronnie Clifton 661

2. Tommy Neal 649

3. Barry Edwards 638

4. Kenny Bost 636

5. Gary Ledbetter 619

6. Scott Hall 589

7. Derek Stoltz 588

8. Robbie Brewer 568

9. Steven Berrier 561

10. Kyle Edwards 548


Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Jerry Helms (Winston-Salem) $160

2. Zack Clifton (Walkertown) 110

3. Joseph Brown (Winston-Salem) 80

4. David Sumner (Trinity) 65

5. Daniel Fishel (Greensboro) 55

6. Allen Henkel (Trinity) 45

7. Tim Vaden (Kernersville) 40

8. Richard Reeves (Cooleemee) 35

9. Johnny Arnder (Mount Airy) 30

10. Donnie Martin (Wallburg) 25

11. Reggie Doub (Germanton) 25

12. Doug Wall (Pfafftown) 25

13. Darren Cotner (Rural Hall) 25

14. Michael Nichols (Trinity) 25

15. Willie Wall (Winston-Salem) 25

16. K.J. Stimpson (Lewisville) 25

17. Randy Larimore (Walkertown) 20

18. Billy Gregg (Winston-Salem) 20

19. Justin Taylor (King) 20

20. Kevin Gilbert (Mocksville) 20

21. Matt Cotner (Rural Hall) 20

22. Spencer Martin (Winston-Salem) 20

Final points leaders:

1. David Sumner 790

2. Joseph Brown 782

3. Jerry Helms 724

4. Matt Cotner 712

5. Johnny Arnder 620

6. Richard Reeves 592

7. Donnie Martin 582

8. Doug Wall 580


Final points leaders

1. Dale Barneycastle 784

2. Jimmy Absher 754

3. A.J. Sanders 632

4. Wayne Hill 586

5. Johnny Burke 560

6. Glenn Hamilton 556

7. Adam Baker 556

8. Andrew Sanders 518



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