Jeffreys wins before rain descends

Hall, Clifton claim Sportsman victories; Burke captures win


Lee Jeffreys said last night that he wanted to show that somebody not named Brown or Myers could win a Modified race at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Jeffreys made good on the effort with a victory in the first of two scheduled 25-lap races. Rain was the winner of the scheduled second Modified race, as a sudden downpour forced cancellation of the remaining schedule.

A 50-lap Street Stock race, the longest of the year for that division, will be held next Saturday night.

Scott Hall and Ronnie Clifton won 20-lap races for the Sportsman Division, and Johnny Burke won a 15-lap Stadium Stock race, before the rains came.

Jeffreys was the fastest in qualifying with a lap of 13.433 seconds (67.0 mph) on the quarter-mile track, and he started from the pole position in the first Modified race as a result.

Jeffreys led all the way for his 15th career victory. Burt Myers finished second, Jonathan Brown third, Randy Butner fourth and Tim Brown fifth.

"Brown and Myers, that's all you heard last year," Jeffreys said. "We're going to see if we can't get our name in there several times this year with them."

Jeffreys led for a while in the season-opener May 1 but couldn't quite hang on. Brown went on to that victory, and Myers followed up with a win in Week 2.

"Tim and Burt, that's the best of the crop over here," Jeffreys said. "If you keep them behind you, you're doing something right."

The key to doing that was Jeffreys' qualifying effort, which, at first, he didn't feel would stand up.

"That will make you or break you," Jeffreys said. "I knew (the lap) felt good but when I saw the time on the board I came in and said, ‘Hey boys, that's all we had. I hate it that it was no faster than that.' They said, ‘right now, it's the fastest time.' "

Myers took a slim one-point lead in the season standings against Brown and Jeffreys.

Junior Miller, Bowman Gray's all-time leader in feature-race wins, failed to qualify as result of engine problems and started at the rear of the 24-car field with a former champion's provisional.

He finished 16th and seemed to have caught a break when Jeffreys drew a "16" for the inverted start of the second race, but then rain resulted in cancellation of what would have been a start from the pole position for Miller.

"We had bad luck all night," Miller said. "The car wasn't running and we didn't get to qualify. We were actually lucky to finish 16th (in the first race) and then they drew 16th. Then it rained and they called the race.

"If the motor had been up to par we would have had a cakewalk the second race. As it was, we probably would have got spun out or whatever. We would have liked to have tried it anyway."

Hall, making his first appearance of the season, led all the way in the first Sportsman race.

Clifton, who has won eight straight Sportsman titles, started on the pole for the second Sportsman race as the result of a draw and led every lap.

Derek Stoltz worked his way to a second-place finish in the second race and kept his lead in the Sportsman standings.

1 77 Lee Jeffreys
2 1 Burt Myers
3 53 Jonathan Brown
4 5 Randy Butner
5 83 Tim Brown
6 50 Michael Clifton
7 25 John Smith
8 17 Brian King
9 4 Jason Myers
10 13 Chris Fleming
11 11 Zach Brewer
12 70 Alfred Hill
13 71 Dean Ward
14 40 Brad Robbins
15 97 Bryan Dauzat
16 69 Junior Miller
17 72 Brent Elliott
18 23 Brian Loftin
19 3 Terry Gaither
20 81 Austin Pack
21 33 Matt Caldwell
22 7 Bobby Reid
23 36 Rupert Sink
24 75 Robert Jeffreys

Race One

1 1 Scott Hall
2 69 Joseph Brown
3 50 Barry Edwards
4 68 Robbie Brewer
5 31 Ryan Nelson
6 7 Ronnie Barron
7 64 Steven Truell
8 38 Mitch Gales
9 23 Ryan Robertson
10 66 Ronnie Clifton
11 02 Derek Stoltz
12 72 Bryant Robertson
13 18 Kenny Bost
14 13 Luke Fleming
15 17 Kevin Neal
16 44 Daniel Beeson
17 39 Jeff Garrison
18 19 Michael Adams
19 05 Kyle Edwards
20 26 Jim Shoaf
21 79 Steven Berrier
22 86 Taylor Branch
23 21 Tommy Neal
24 25 Matt Bodenheimer

Race Two
1 66 Ronnie Clifton
2 02 Derek Stoltz
3 38 Mitch Gales
4 50 Barry Edwards
5 1 Tommy Neal
6 68 Robbie Brewer
7 18 Kenny Bost
8 23 Ryan Robertson
9 19 Michael Adams
10 05 Kyle Edwards
11 7 Ronnie Barron
12 25 Matt Bodenheimer
13 26 Jim Shoaf
14 39 Jeff Garrison
15 79 Steven Berrier
16 31 Ryan Nelson
17 13 Luke Fleming
18 72 Bryant Robertson
19 64 Steven Truell
20 44 Daniel Beeson
21 17 Kevin Neal
22 69 Joseph Brown

Race One
1 56 Johnny Burke
2 72 Gerald Robertson
3 39 Jimmy Absher
4 26 Derek Taylor
5 23 Kenny Dixon
6 11 Wayne Hill
7 88 Marty Freedle
8 22 Dale Barneycastle
9 00 Adam Baker
10 8 Shane Southard
11 98 T.J. Cox
12 84 Ben Brown
13 14 Ken Bridges
14 58 Wes Athan
15 86 Tim Smith
16 61 Charlie Curry
17 90 Ike Roberts
18 35 Steve Myers
19 67 Jason Asbury
20 33 Gary Brewer
21 8X Ricky Freedle
22 45 Dennis Weaver
23 1X Ben Badger
24 0 Gene Adams

Race Two postponed due to rain



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