Burt Myers was back in his old reliable car last night, and he was also back in the winner's circle at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Myers worked his way from 14th place, took the lead from Tim Brown with a pass on the outside with 30 laps left and hung on the rest of the way to win the Bill Plemmons RV World 100.

"This is the old car that I should have had last week, but it couldn't be here," said Myers, who crashed his venerable "stadium car" in practice two weeks ago and had to drive a back-up car for a sixth-place finish in the season opener.

"This car won seven races last year. I'd say it's off to a good start this year."

The victory was the 40th of Myers' career at Bowman Gray Stadium.

The only good time to lead last night's caution-filled race, which featured eight double-file restarts, seemed to be at the end. Early leaders Junior Miller and Tim Brown had all sorts of trouble hanging on.

Miller drew the pole position for the first 100-lap draw race of the season. But a tangle with Brian King in the first lap left him doomed from the start, Miller said.

"It bent the toe-in and I was done," said Miller, who managed to hang on to the lead for 27 laps before Brown overtook him.

Brown, trying to follow his season-opening victory with a second straight win, led until the 70th lap. Myers pulled to the outside on a double-file restart and battled Brown for nearly two laps. Myers took the initial lead, slipped back, but hung on enough to regain it.

"I don't exactly know what happened," Myers said. "I pretty much had him beat to the corner, but when I hit the brakes the car just slid out on me, but I was able to hang on enough."

Brown was tagged from behind by Zach Brewer, but survived a bounce off the guardrail and finished fifth.

"It's just a deal where racers are going for a win," said Brown, who leads early-season standings by two points over Myers and four over Lee Jeffreys.

Brian Loftin, who started 18th, stayed out of trouble enough to work his way to a second-place finish. Brent Elliott was third and Brad Robbins fourth.

"We got into our share of skirmishes, but the car was still fast enough to get up there and challenge," Loftin said. "I would have liked to have had another shot or two at Burt before we ran out of laps, but it wasn't a bad night."

Myers was the fastest in qualifying with a lap of 13.277 seconds (67.8 mph), but he started 14th as the result of the random draw.

Bryant Robertson and Ryan Nelson won 20-lap races for the Sportsman Division.

Robertson fended off an early challenge from Michael Adams and led all the way in the first Sportsman race. In the second race, Nelson led all the way and held off charging Derek Stoltz in the closing laps.

Matt Cotner started from the pole position and went on to victory in a 20-lap Street Stock race.

Kenny Dixon and Ted Mickelowski won 15-lap races for the Stadium Stock Division.


Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) $1700

2. Brian Loftin (Lexington) 980

3. Brent Elliott (Denton) 755

4. Brad Robbins (W-Salem) 690

5. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 740

6. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 605

7. Alfred Hill (Jonesville) 570

8. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 535

9. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 505

10. Zach Brewer (W-Salem) 485

11. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 480

12. Robert Jeffreys (W-Salem) 410

13. Jonathan Brown (Kernersville) 390

14. Matt Caldwell (Lexington) 370

15. Junior Miller (Danbury) 350

16. Brian King (Burlington) 330

17. Kevin Powell (W-Salem) 320

18. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 310

19. Rupert Sink (Lexington) 300

20. Austin Pack (Walkertown) 295

21. Mike Norman (Lewisville) 225

22. Dean Ward (W-Salem) 210

23. Gary Young, Jr. (Burlington) 195

24. Bryan Dauzat (Midland) 185


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