Jeffreys holds on for Modified win


Lee Jeffreys thought he might have been in a little trouble with his crew last week after finishing 11th and fifth in the two modified races at Bowman Gray Stadium.

"Last week, we didn't qualify too good, and they told me that they might have to find another driver," Jeffreys said with a laugh.

After winning the first modified race of the night and finishing third in the second, Jeffreys got himself a reprieve.

Jeffreys started the first race in second place behind pole-sitter Terry Gaither, but quickly took the lead to pick up his second win of the season and 16th of his career.

Jeffreys, from Wallburg, survived two late cautions and a hard-charging Gaither, and then drew No. 10 for the inverted-start second race.

Jeffreys weaved his way up to the front of the pack, but couldn't catch Jonathan Brown of Kernersville.

"It's just a war of attrition over here," Jeffreys said. "You try to dodge and weave everything going on in front of you with all the dirt and water getting thrown up, and just try to get through. First and third? That's a real good night for us."

Jeffreys picked up 14 points on series leader Burt Myers and now trails 324-313.

Myers qualified 19th out of 20 cars in the first race and finished 14th. He caught up with Jeffreys to finish in fourth in the second race, but knew his qualifying run was the difference.

"It's bad enough when you have to go out first to qualify," Myers said. "And the track-cleanup crew was blowing rubber outside-in into the groove. And they ran out of time and said we had to go, so there was loose rubber all over the racetrack. I told our guys that we're a winning team no matter where we start, so we just needed to take what we could get."

Brown knew he had a little luck on his side in finishing 10th in the first race but getting the pole in the second based on the inverted draw.

"I knew if I could beat Chris (Fleming) from the start that I could hold him off," Brown said. "He drove me clean so my hat is off to him. Tonight, Lady Luck was on my side and everything came together. This is going to get the whole morale of the team back up."

In the 50-lap Stadium Stock Division, Jason Keaton of Mocksville got his first win this year in the longest race of the season by holding off Charlie Curry.

Keaton, who entered the night fourth in points, dedicated the win to his wife, who had surgery Friday and is still in the hospital.

Taylor Branch of Lewisville picked up his first win of the season in the first Sportsman race, and Barry Edwards of Pinnacle won the second.

Edwards held off Kevin Neal after a late caution.

"He put up a good fight the last couple of laps," Edwards said. "We've had a fast car, just haven't had a whole lot of racing luck lately."

Jody Fritts of Winston-Salem won the 20-lap street-stock division race, with Randy Moore of Germanton finishing second.



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) $750

2. Terry Gaither (Walkertown) 600

3. John Smith (Mount Airy) 425

4. Alfred Hill (Jonesville) 375

5. Rupert Sink (Lexington) 350

6. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 275

7. Brian Loftin (Lexington) 260

8. Zach Brewer (W-Salem) 245

9. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 230

10. Jon. Brown (Kernersville) 220

11. Brent Elliott (Denton) 210

12. Dean Ward (W-Salem) 200

13. Austin Pack (Walkertown) 195

14. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) 190

15. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 285

16. Bobby Reed (Clemmons) 180

17. Junior Miller (Danbury) 175

18. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 170

19. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 165

20. Ricky Tatum (Kernersville) 160

21. Robert Jeffreys (W-Salem) 110



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Jonathan Brown (Kernersville) $750

2. John Smith (Mount Airy) 500

3. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 425

4. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) 375

5. Alfred Hill (Jonesville) 350

6. Terry Gaither (Walkertown) 225

7. Brent Elliott (Denton) 210

8. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 195

9. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 180

10. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 170

11. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 160

12. Zach Brewer (W-Salem) 150

13. Rupert Sink (Lexington) 145

14. Dean Ward (W-Salem) 140

15. Austin Pack (Walkertown) 135

16. Brian Loftin (Lexington) 130

17. Bobby Reed (Clemmons) 125

18. Junior Miller (Danbury) 120

19. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 115

20. Robert Jeffreys (W-Salem) 110



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Jody Fritts (W-Salem) $185

2. Ken. Stimpson (Lewisville) 135

3. Billy Gregg (W-Salem) 105

4. John McNeal (W-Salem) 90

5. Zack Clifton (Walkertown) 80

6. David Sumner (Trinity) 120

7. Daniel Fishel (Greensboro) 65

8. Michael Nichols (Trinity) 60

9. Matt Cotner (Rural Hall) 55

10. Reggie Doub (Germanton) 50

11. Doug Wall (Pfafftown) 25

12. Spencer Martin (W-Salem) 25

13. Kris Hoots (Mocksville) 25

14. Darren Cotner (King) 25

15. K.C. Myers (Linwood) 25

16. Frank Fritts (Kernersville) 25

17. Kevin Gilbert (Pfafftown) 20

18. Tim Vaden (Kernersville) 20

19. Jerry Helms (W-Salem) 20

20. Allen Henkel (Trinity) 20

21. Hal Seats (Yadkinville) 20




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