Brian Loftin Wins "Carolina Farm Credit 150"

Myers Clinches His 4th Bowman Gray Title

Track champion played it conservative



It wasn't as easy as it could have been but, in the end, a weary and relieved Burt Myers climbed out of his black-and-orange No. 1 car and celebrated being first.

Myers did enough to capture his fourth Bowman Gray Stadium championship.

Brian Loftin, who won last night's season-ending Carolina Farm Credit 150, kept the pressure on Myers in the season-point chase for most of the race but Myers, who needed to finish 15h or better to lock up the title, endured with a ninth-place finish.

"Everyone said all week long, ‘You've got it in the bag,' but you know this is Bowman Gray Stadium," said Myers, who added that protecting points was about as hard of a challenge as he's had.

"With Brian up there in front, it put pressure on me to stay at least in the top 10 and that's what I did."

Kyle Edwards, Matt Cotner and Jason Keaton all wrapped up season titles in Bowman Gray Stadium's other divisions.

Kenny Bost won a 40-lap race for the Sportsman Division. Daniel Fishel won a 20-lap Street Stock race, and Dale Barneycastle was the winner of a 15-lap Stadium Stock race.

Loftin, who capped his first full season at Bowman Gray with his second victory of the year, bumped his way past Tim Brown in the final turn of the final lap to win the 150-lap main race.

"I hate moving people like that -- I like good, clean racing -- but he did it to us earlier in the year," Loftin said. "I didn't wreck him. I just got him out of the way so we could win."

Tim Brown, an eight-time champion whose string of two straight titles ended, said: "(Loftin) gave me a shot and turned me sideways, but it was for the win. He claims I done him wrong earlier this year and every time he's gotten around me he's done something to me. But that's kind of the way the season has gone for us. I'm glad it's over and we can start working toward next year."

Brown, who was the fastest qualifier for the seventh time in 14 attempts this season, lost the lead to Loftin early in the race but regained it by squeezing past Jonathan Brown with seven laps to go.

Jonathan Brown said he wasn't mad at Tim Brown, but protested being sent to the rear of the field by officials for an accident he said he didn't cause.

"The 83 (Tim Brown) did what he was supposed to do," said Jonathan Brown, whose brother, Joseph, had better fortune with a career-best second-place finish.

Myers had a large lead entering last night's finale, and his race plan was rather conservative. He was never higher than eighth, and not lower than 11th.

"Sometimes you've got to look at the war and not just the battle," Myers said. "We tightened the car up a little bit more tonight than normal. I had to be smart about it and make sure I didn't lose the championship because of something I did."

He said he will celebrate by relaxing.

"There's always added pressure going into that last race when you're leading the points," Myers said. "I'm glad it's done. I wasn't nervous or worried, just anxious."

And Myers, crediting his team's engine program, was also a bit prophetic.

"I knew if we could get a motor in the car that would produce the horsepower that this Roush Yates motor does, and not have the mechanical problems that we were having in the past with the older Chevrolet motors, we'd be a contender," Myers said.

"I made a prediction last winter that if we had the Ford motor in all year we'd come home as the champion and here we are."

Bost slipped past a spinning Jeff Garrison in the 22nd lap and held on from there to register his first victory of the season in the Sportsman Division.

Edwards, a two-time Street Stock champion, wrapped up his first Sportsman title with an eighth-place finish.

Edwards didn't win a race during the season, but had a division-leading 10 top-five finishes in 23 starts.

All Cotner had to do to lock up his first Street Stock title was not to finish last in the 20-car field. He was 12th.

And Keaton, who put a different number on his car to honor a friend with cancer, finished second in the Stadium Stock race and secured his first title.

Bowman Gray results




Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Brian Loftin (Lexington) $2100

2. Joseph Brown (W-Salem) 1100

3. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 875

4. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 735

5. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 675

6. Dean Ward (W-Salem) 635

7. Bobby Reed (Clemmons) 595

8. Kevin Powell (W-Salem) 555

9. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) 525

10. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 705

11 James Civali (Meriden, Conn.) 440

12 Jonathan Brown (Kernersville) 420

13. Brad Robbins (W-Salem) 400

14. Austin Pack (Walkertown) 380

15. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 360

16. Matt Caldwell (Lexington) 340

17. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 330

18. Junior Miller (Danbury) 320

19. Kevin Wilson (Elkin) 310

20. Terry Gaither (Walkertown) 300

21. Brent Elliott (Denton) 240

22. Robert Jeffreys (W-Salem) 220

23. Stan Welborn (Germanton) 200



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Daniel Fishel (Greensboro) $185

2. Zack Clifton (Walkertown) 135

3. Brian Wall (W-Salem) 105

4. John McNeal (W-Salem) 90

5. Doug Wall (Pfafftown) 80

6. Billy Gregg (W-Salem) 70

7. David Sumner (Trinity) 115

8. Kris Hoots (Mocksville) 60

9. Darren Cotner (King) 55

10. Jerry Helms (W-Salem) 50

11. Kevin Gilbert (Pfafftown) 25

12. Matt Cotner (Rural Hall) 25

13. Mike Snow (W-Salem) 25

14. Whitney Clifton (Walkertown) 25

15. Willie Wall (Lexington) 25

16. Allen Henkel (Trinity) 25

17. Brian Doty (W-Salem) 20

18. Hal Seats (Yadkinville) 20

19. Jody Fritts (W-Salem) 20

20. Kenneth Stimpson (Lewisville) 20



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Kenny Bost (Kernersville) $585

2. Kevin Neal (Walkertown) 385

3. Michael Adams (Yadkinville) 305

4. Jeff Garrison (Clemmons) 245

5. Ryan Robertson (W-Salem) 215

6. Barry Edwards (Pinnacle) 195

7. Derek Stoltz (Walkertown) 175

8. Kyle Edwards (King) 155

9. Ronnie Clifton (Walkertown) 210

10. Tommy Neal (Walkertown) 125

11. Taylor Branch (Lewisville) 90

12. Luke Fleming (Mount Airy) 80

13. Steven Berrier (Germanton) 70

14. Bryant Robertson (Lexington) 60

15. Daniel Beeson (Kernersville) 50

16. Mitch Gales (Thomasville) 50

17. Ryan Nelson (W-Salem) 50

18. Cody Evans (King) 50

19. Ronnie Barron (Lexington) 50

20. Robbie Brewer (W-Salem) 50

21. Jim Shoaf (Lexington) 50

22. Austin Edwards (King) 50

23. David Adams (Yadkinville) 50



Driver (Hometown) Money

1. Dale Barneycastle (Mocksville) $130

2. Jason Keaton (Mocksville) 105

3. Jimmy Absher (Rural Hall) 80

4. A.J. Sanders (Mocksville) 70

5. Kenny Dixon (Pfafftown) 65

6. Johnny Burke (Midway) 60

7. Chris Lawing (King) 55

8. Wayne Hill (Kernersville) 55

9. Shane Southard (Yadkinville) 55

10. Brandon Brendle (W-Salem) 50

11. Charlie Curry (Lexington) 25

12. Jordan Fleming (Mount Airy) 25

13. Wesley Thompson (Mocksville) 25

14. Ted Mickalowski (Mocksville) 20

15. Adam Baker (W-Salem) 20

16. Gerald Robertson (Germanton) 20

17. Kevin C. Neal (Danbury) 20

18. Andrew Sanders (Mocksville) 20

19. Jason Tutterow (Advance) 20

20. Ray Forrest (W-Salem) 20

21. Rob Young (W-Salem) 20

22. Derek Taylor (Yadkinville) 20

23. Drew Moffitt (W-Salem) 20

24. Tyler Burke (W-Salem) 20

25. Stephen Sanders (Midway) 20



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