Myers Captures "Feel the Love Sheetz 100" at BGS

By Jay Spivey

(Winston Salem,NC 7/23/11) - Burt Myers , one of the most experienced Modified Division drivers at Bowman Gray Stadium , had to wait to make his move but timed it right and defeated Jonathan Brown to win Saturday night's Sheetz 100.

Myers started seventh in the random draw and had to slowly make his way toward the front. Brown started first and led the first 84 laps, then Myers took the lead and held it the rest of the way. Dean Ward finished third and Burt's brother, Jason , was fourth.

Billy Gregg won the 20-lap Street Stock race, his third win of the season. Kyle Edwards and Derek Stoltz won 20-lap Sportsman races, and Jason Tutterow and Andrew Sanders got Stadium Stock wins.

The Modified race had six cautions, and Burt Myers — who had his fastest qualifying lap of the season at 13.200 seconds — took the lead after the fifth. He also added to his season points lead on Tim Brown, who was 18th Saturday.

"I knew we had a really good car," said Myers, chasing his fifth championship. "Like I said, I knew the 53 (Jonathan Brown) was going to be tough. I saw the 71 (Ward) and the 53 running really hard. I don't think I ran hard until I got to the outside on Jonathan. Man, these guys (his crew) gave me a good race car tonight.

"When I saw the starting lineup, and I knew we were seventh, from what I could tell tonight the 53 was going to be the car I had to beat…. I really didn't push the car hard until I had to….

"In my mind you kinda just want to sit there and bide your time and wait for the restart. The car's awesome. The car's been awesome. We showed that in qualifying tonight."

Jonathan Brown said that Burt Myers has an advantage with his team, and that's the reason Myers overtook him in the final 15 laps.

"I wish somebody who knew what they were looking at would come look at it," Brown said. "That is what I wish. Check the top five in points — I wish they would do something about the tires, and I wish they would do something about traction control.

"Hands down, a straight-up car, not a cheat-up car, nobody's going to outrun this 53. We put our time in it. We don't have the best-looking car or the best equipment, but this car runs. All I got beat there on that restart was traction control."

Tim Brown, who started the race 28 points behind Myers, got tangled with Brian Loftin on Lap 68 before a caution came out. The race was red-flagged at Lap 70 because Brown had the pit exit blocked. Both racers came out and repeatedly bumped into each other.

"He ran over me down there in (Turn) 3 and 4," Loftin said. "We're all just sitting there riding. Everybody's nose to tail. You can sit there and tee off on anybody when you get slow cars up front.

"We've had some run-ins before. I don't think too much of him."

Brown said of Loftin: "Evidently, he don't like me or how I drive or nothing. So I bumped into him a couple times because his car is terrible....

"I'm going to be over here next week and come back and race him again. And if he wants to handle it like men, I'll beat him any way he wants to, and we'll settle it. I'm tired of dealing with him."

Brown said the points race is secondary to his relationship with Loftin, adding: "I'd like to win my ninth championship, but right now my main concern is Brian Loftin."

Gregg won the Street Stock race ahead of Matt Cotner. Johnny Arnder was third, Brian Wall fourth and Jody Fritts fifth.

John McNeal, who started the race in first place in the points, was eighth.

Edwards defeated Michael Adams in the first Sportsman race. Robbie Brewer, who started the race second in points, was third, Ryan Robertson was fourth, and Gary Ledbetter fifth.

Stoltz beat Gary Ledbetter in the second Sportsman race, and Taylor Branch was third.

Tutterow beat Michael Wells in the Stadium Stock "A" race, and Sanders defeated David Vernon in the Stadium Stock "B" race. Drew Moffitt, who began the night with 460 points for first place, slipped to second behind Michael Wells (478), who went from third to first. Tutterow is second with 472.


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