(King, NC):  It's official!  Tim Brown from Rural Hall, NC held off a hungry pack of drivers to claim the win in the inaugural event for the KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Series Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway. 

The event lived up to expectations with twenty lead changes between five different drivers.  Pit stop excitement, tire changes and confusion added to the overall picture painted for the first event.

Brown Josh Nichols, Burt and Jason Myers and young gun Spencer Davis all took turns leading the 125 lapper, with Brown and Burt Myers being at the point for the bulk of the laps but not one of the top five cars was able to gain a clear advantage.  Caution flew on lap 19 for a front stretch spin by Jeremy Mayfield.  Mayfield recovered and posted a solid finish in his first Modified event.  Another brief caution when Renee Dupuis tagged the turn one wall did little to interrupt the action.  The engine in Brian Weber's car exploded entering turn three bringing out the final caution of the night.  Cale Gale's car failed to re-fire after the caution ending his night at the same time.

Southern Modified Race Tour rules allow for a tire change as well as require a mandatory pit stop and pit strategy came into play over the final 35 laps.  Burt Myers pitted at lap 93 and took on a new right rear in hopes of forcing the issue for other drivers to pit.  Nichols followed seven laps later with the same plans.  However the remainder of the field only did stop & go stops and while Myers and Nichols make up considerable time with the new tires, the laps ran out and left Brown and Jason Myers at the head of the pack. Burt Myers finished third followed by Davis and Nichols. Jimmy Zacharias finished sixth followed by Zach Brewer, Mayfield,Mike Speeney and Bobby Sheffield.  

The confusion stemmed from a mis-stated rule in the drivers meeting.  "I made a mistake in the drivers meeting by telling teams when they could and could not stop during the event.  No one caught the mistake and according to the Southern Modified race Tour Rule Book, the event must be run under the last rule covered.  I have apologized to everyone and while everyone isn't 100% happy, most understand the situation.  And I want to make the fans of Modified racing aware that this will not happen again, said series director, Randy Myers.

Finishing Order

Fin.      Start    Car#    Driver                        Hometown                 Laps               Points

1          3           02       Tim Brown                  Rural Hall, NC             125                  170

2          1          4          Jason Myers               Walnut Cove, NC        125                  140

3          2          6          Burt Myers                  Kernersville, NC          125                  135

4          9          79        Spencer Davis            Dahlonega, GA           125                  130

5          4          34        Josh Nichols               Cleveland, NC             125                  125

6          8          71z      Jimmy Zacharias        Candor, NY                  124                  120

7          12        31        Zach Brewer               Winston-Salem, NC     124                  116

8          11        71m     Jeremy Mayfield         Sherrills Ford, NC        124                  112

9*         15        80        Mike Speeney             King, NC                     123                  113

10        13        9          Bobby Sheffield          Mooresville, NC           122                  104

11        10        3          Danny Propst              Wingate, NC                121                  100

12        7          2          Joseph Brown             Lewisville, NC             119                   98

13        14        21        Tommy Neal               Walkertown, NC           117                   96

14        6          59        Renee Dupuis             Hebron, CT                  46                    94

15        5          82        Cale Gale                   Winston-Salem, NC      39                    92

16        16        01        Brian Weber               Mooresville, NC            38                    90